Legal Protection Insurance

Whether at work, on the road or in the neighbourhood: Wherever people meet, differences of opinion or even heated arguments can quickly arise. Before you know it, you’re in court. And that’s not only annoying, it can also quickly become expensive! In addition to the fee for your own lawyer, various other costs can be incurred.

On the other hand, if you have high-performance legal protection insurance, you are well advised – not only from a legal point of view, but also from a financial point of view. Because the legal protection insurance covers the costs of a legal dispute for you, so that you do not have to worry about financial aspects in addition to the annoying legal dispute.

How much does legal protection insurance cost?

The cost of good legal protection insurance is between £16 and £24 per month. These tariffs offer comprehensive protection in the areas of private, professional and transport and meet the criteria of the Stiftung Warentest. Cheaper tariffs are available from a monthly premium of twelve £. The exact price for insurance is calculated based on the following factors, among others: the scope of a tariff the deductible personal factors such as marital status, age, place of residence and occupation The desired areas of legal protection also play an important role in determining the price – the combination of different modules is often cheaper than concluding separate tariffs: The traffic legal protection module is available from four sterling per month, the private legal protection module is available from nine sterling per month The combination of private and traffic legal protection, on the other hand, is available from as little as twelve sterling per month

What are the waiting times for legal protection insurance?

The majority of legal protection tariffs provide for a waiting period of three months before the insurance cover takes effect. Only in the case of traffic legal protection is there often no waiting time.

However, there are often tariff and litigation-specific exceptions, so the waiting time can be shorter for certain cases. The length of the waiting time depends on

  • the exact litigation,
  • the selected tariff as well as
  • the insured area (private, professional transport, living or rental).

It is worthwhile to compare the waiting times of the tariffs exactly in order to find the right tariff.

The waiting period determines the period of time that must elapse between the start of insurance and the cause of a dispute for the insurance to take effect in the event of a claim. If a damaging event has already occurred or there is a legal case, you can unfortunately no longer insure this retrospectively. In the case of a change of insurance with a seamless transition, the waiting period does not apply if the risk was covered by your previous insurance.

What should a family look out for when it comes to legal protection insurance?

As a rule, it is advisable for families to have insurance in the areas of private life, work and transport. Residential legal protection can also be useful to protect yourself against disputes with neighbors or the landlord. Legal advice on maintenance and custody issues is usually included in family legal protection. Legal disputes – for example, a custody or alimony dispute after the marriage – are only covered in certain tariffs.

In general, legal expenses insurance for families can be taken out for the following constellations:

Single with child(ren)

Couple without child(ren)

Family with child(ren)

Partners can be included in a plan’s coverage provided they live in the same household as the policyholder. Children can be co-insured up to the age of 25 as long as they are unmarried and do not yet pursue a permanent professional activity.